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aspiring and existing local food-related businesses through SaLT's brick and mortar incubator, market &

training center

to more effectively source, grow, harvest, process, market, and distribute raw and value-added products


bond with each other, generate, and sustain

mutually beneficial collaboration

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According to the USDA, “As consumers across the nation express a growing interest in a closer connection to their food producers—whether through access to more localized markets and/or shorter supply chains— cities and regions have begun to regard the expansion of local food marketing activities as a critical component of their economic development strategies.” In addition, the federal government acknowledges,” As the pandemic has evolved and Russia’s war in Ukraine has caused supply chain disruptions, it has become clear we cannot go back to the food system we had before.” Gloucester SaLT, even in its nascent stage, is already heightening community agility and interconnectivity by bringing people together to rethink the way Gloucester does food and security.

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Gloucester, whose identity is founded on the men and women who harvest, process, and bring the people food, demands a year-round, centrally located, local food market, incubator, and training center. A place to raise up the next generation of fishers and farmers. A center to educate, engage, and feed the people. A market where buying a whole fish, in season, is as normal and convenient as buying top-notch local oysters and a shucker to go. Where berries brighten the stands in summer, and a rainbow of root veggies holds the space in colder seasons. A venue where all members of the community can shop, learn about, and prepare local food together. A hub where organizations and individuals in the food system can
cross-pollinate ideas and pool resources,
to make more money and energy available
for where and whom it is needed most.

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