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learn to source, grow, harvest & prepare local,

seafood & produce


According to a novel study, co-authored by Francesco Tubiello, a senior statistician and climate change specialist at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in collaboration with researchers at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre in Italy, one third of global (human) emissions are caused by the world's food systems.

Our insatiable appetite for meal and snack quantity over quality holds up an unsustainable, destructive, global food system. Our desire to eat whatever we we want, when we want, whether it is in season or not, is satisfied by that same system. 


To nurture a consumer shift, at a community scale,  prioritizing local food is essential. To achieve this goal, SaLT believes individuals and families need to understand how to grow, source, and prepare local food. Why not have fun & share what we know while learning our way forward together?

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explore fishing
as recreation, skill-building, income &
a way of life

 Throughout much of history, until fairly recently, fishing and farming were parts of a whole way of making a living. Many fishing families grew their own food and some worked harvesting others' crops. And field hands often found themselves at sea certain times of year. Many of the skills required on a farm cross over to working on a boat. And so do the rewards.

SaLT Youth heightens students' awareness of their  natural environment.  Recreationally, fishing and farming build and enhance life skills. For those considering a career in fishing, our summer youth program, for ages 14 and up, could be a gateway to the Extreme Gloucester Fishing professional program. Subscribe to Sow SaLT & keep an eye on social media for updates on 
SaLT Youth launch.

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